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The Dermapod is the latest in Microdermabrasion treatment which deliver a progressive, non – invasive treatment that propels natural crystals onto the skin surface for a gentle epidermal abrasion revealing a newer , healthier, younger skin.

Micro controlled peeling gently removes epidermal cells to treat a vast range of skin imperfections. it is especially effective for skin ageing. the powerful peeling action triggers the skin’s repair mechanism to produce healthy epidermal tissue growth, improving skin tone and elasticity.


Microdermabrasion is a progressive, non-invasive treatment that propels natural minerals crystals onto the surface of the skin for gentle epidermal abrasion that reveals newer, healthier, younger skin.


Microdermabrasion works in two ways:

Correction: The speed of the crystal flow causes an abrasive action that gently removes the surface layers of the skin, allowing smoother, fresher skin to emerge.

Stimulation: The vacuum action helps to stimulate micro circulation, increasing the blood supply that provides nutrients needed for skin regeneration. It also stimulates formation of new collagen and elastin to improve skin texture and elasticity.